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Best LGBTQ+ Games for Adults

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Couldn't find the truly queer porn games? We've got you covered. Here is the Steamy Gamer selection of LGBTQ+ friendly porn games worth playing.

Lesbian Porn Video Games

While there are a lot of NSFW games featuring girl on girl situation, most of them are bearing man preferences in mind. But there are truly lesbian game gems out there, that will definitely appeal for men and women alike. Check below our selection picks!


Probably the most known porn visual novel made by Dharker Studios, Negligee is telling a story about Hannah, a hot manager at a lingerie boutique, and her lesbian adventures. To keep the business up she hires new shop assistants — gorgeous, juicy girls who look steaming hot in their revealing lingerie.

How the story goes will depend fully on the player, the game offers plenty of decision making that affects the story route and triggers one of the multiple endings. The game offers a lot of adult content, a great number of animated sex scenes and high-quality artworks.

Negligee girls eating sushi on big boobs Negligee girls having sex in shower naked with vibrators
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Highway Blossoms

Highway Blossom is a short lesbian visual novel that follows the story of a sexy girl Amber, who's wandering the roads of American Southwest alone, completely unaware of the newly burst gold-hunting rush... It's until she meets a sexy hitchhiker Marina who's also wandering through the deserts of New Mexico. And that when things start to heat up.

Highway blossoms beautiful lesbian tits Highway blossoms sexy lesbian licking pussy Highway blossoms lesbian sex
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Sisterly Bliss

Sisterly Bliss is a hentai visual novel about two sisters, Ichika and Futaba, who are very close with each other ever since they were kids. Ichika is an older responsible and stubborn sister, who genuinely takes care of the younger one, childish and sexy-cute Futaba. But there is definitely much more going on to their relationship than just being sisters. A passionate desire which cannot be fulfilled.

Sisterly Bliss is a mix of cute and lewd moments. This lesbian visual novel offers truly unique hentai artworks and a great story to play through.

Sisterly bliss secy cute lesbian touching boobs Sisterly bliss school girl pantsu shot Sisterly bliss lesbian having sex
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Gay Porn Video Games

For most of the time, the gay-related content could be only found in Japanese porn games, also known as yaoi visual novels, and occasional fanfics with male characters from popular animes. But the adult gaming industry has been expanding and now can offer not only gay visual novels but also quality dating-sims and fun free-to-play games.

Booty Calls: Men at Work

Booty Calls: Men at Work is a gay dating sim / puzzle porn game where you play as a hot dude, who is new to the big city. While working hard towards his future, he's trying to make some friends and get some hard-on adventure. Meet with horny guys and get yourself served with lewd porn scenes!

Booty Calls: Men at Work is available to play on PC, Mac, Linux and Android.

Booty calls men at work hot black dude Booty calls men at work hot ginger guy chat gameplay Booty calls men at work horny boss in bad
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No Thank You!

No Thank You! is a rich kinetic gay visual novel that follows a story of a guy Haru who got hit and lost his memory while trying to save another guy Koichi from an out of control car. In return, Koichi gives him a job at his bar. However, the job turns out to be much more interesting than just serving at a cozy jazz bar...

No Thank You! story is full of interesting plot twists, choice system and tons of high-quality gay lewd scenes.

No thank you dialogue No thank you gay fuck No thank you anal fingering
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Signed And Sealed With A Kiss

Signed And Sealed With A Kiss is a quality softcore porn game, with dating-sim and visual novel elements, with a very witty and fun story. One day you get an unexpected delivery, and when you open it you see a sexy dude and a user manual. You can shape your own ideal boyfriend now! However, this delivery wasn’t meant for you. Will you fall in love with the guy he turns out to be? Will he stay by your side?

The game features various personalities to develop in your sexy alive toy, influenced by choosing his job and activities. The story has random life events, plot twist and multiple endings, fully triggered by your choices, relationships and personality of your new boyfriend. Not to mention gay hentai scenes!

Signed and sealed with a kiss hot guy in shower Signed and sealed with a kiss cute guy Signed and sealed with a kiss cute hot dude masturbating
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Transgender Porn Video Games

As with any narrowed genres, it is quite difficult to find worthy transgender porn games. There are a lot of NSFW games that feature different queer content, however, not much of them are built around a specific topic. Same happens with transgender video games, but we've got you! Below you can find our picks of transgender friendly adult porn games.

School Idol QT Cool

School Idol QT Cool is a kawaii and pretty lewd futanari hentai visual novel about cute gender bender guys in an idol school set up. The game features plenty of transgender hentai scenes between sexy gender-bending guys, with a masochist touch and orgies.

School Idol QT Cool is an engaging multiple ending story, with high-quality NSFW scenes that will appeal to idol fans, hard-core gender-bender lovers and everyone in who curios in any of those ;)

School idol qt cool cute girls transgender anal School idol qt cool gender bender handjob School idol qt cool gender bender threesome
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Cross Love Ep.1

Cross x Love is a short kinetic visual novel pretty charming guy Yuu. While trapped into wearing his sister’s clothes one day, he noticed to grab a lot of guys' interest in his lovely look, especially from a shy boy Kiriya. Where will the story lead these two? Enjoy this crossdressing visual novel, with a lot of humor, cute and funny scenes and very spicy lewd moments!

Cross X Love Yaoi Anal Cross X Love Dialogue In A Room Cross X Love Gay Blowjob
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