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A Summer's End - Hong Kong 1986 Download and Review

A Summer's End - Hong Kong 1986 overview

A beautiful and sensual visual novel with a retro touch that takes place in vibrant Hong Kong in the '80s. The story follows lesbian romantic relationships in the world of rapid change, conflicting views and cultural attitudes.

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Sensual Visual Novel With Beautiful Lesbians

A Story of Forbidden Love

A Summer’s End — Hong Kong 1986 tells a romance story of two women, Michelle and Sam, with completely different personalities. Michelle is a discrete woman, who lives a monotonous but model life. Sam, on the contrary, has an adventurous personality and chooses to live her life fulfilled and without social boundaries. One day, their paths cross and their lives change forever...

The visual novel features deep storytelling that has a fresh take on the forbidden love situation. It opens up the story not only from a perspective of main characters but also uses the context of the culture instalments, westernisation and rapid change of the Hong Kong in the '80s.

A Summer’s End — Hong Kong 1986 features two endings to explore and will specifically appeal to the loves of lesbian erotica.

Hot Art and Original Soundtracks.

Everything else aside, the game has a unique hand-drawn art style. There is not much of a porn-ish content, even with the lewd patch. However, the sex sequences go very well with the story and dialogues and have everything to make you feel sweet and horny.

The '80s inspired soundtrack is well matched to the retro vibe of the game and music from Timecop1986, Crystal Cola, and Stevia Sphere makes the game truly complete.

    How to download A Summer's End - Hong Kong 1986

    1. Click PLAY to go to A Summer's End game page (Steam);
    2. Add the game to cart
    3. Log in or create an account for free;
    4. Download A Summer's End;
    5. Enjoy!

    IMPORTANT: Steam version requires a patch to unlock adult content. Get the patch here and read how to install patch for A Summer's End - Hong Kong 1986.

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    price $14.99

    developer Oracle & Bone


    PC / Mac / Linux

    size 1.4 Gb

    release 2020

    languages EN