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Alien Quest: EVE Download and Review

Alien Quest: EVE overview

If adult video games counts a handful of good platformers, then Alien Quest is definitely one of them. There is indeed some satisfaction in playing as a half-naked hot girl running around a spaceship and killing weird-looking monsters craving to fuck her! A gem in the deeps of adult gaming side-scrollers.

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Sci-fi aesthetics, apocalyptic set up and a challenging gameplay

The game has a mix of sci-fi aesthetics, apocalyptic set up and challenging atmosphere. Apart from promising visual aesthetics, Alien Quest has a cool backstory and satisfying animations.

Some time ago, a group of scientist working on the Medical Research Vessel EVE tried to deal with a creation called Mother Brain. Their goal was to create a powerful bioweapon from an alien gene, but the creature became out of control and overtook the spaceship while killing pretty much everyone on board.

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Six months later the sexy and brave girl Ellen lands on the abandoned ship to complete a dangerous mission: to get a sample from the Mother Brain itself. However by this time, the desolate ship has already became infested by some weird and horny creatures...

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An adult sidescroller with some hardcore fuck

From the beginning you will start with three missions: to get the experiment data from the EVE core; to get the sample of Mother Brain, and to launch the destruction mechanism.

In order to complete each of them you will have to reach three different locations, one after another, going through different zones and levels. Through the adventure you will come special abilities allowing you to update Ellen’s stats and make you more powerful against your foes. Make sure to keep her alive, if they catch her they will fuck her hard with weird looking tentacles reaching for every single hole.

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The gameplay is very satisfying, every detail is well-thought. The mechanics are simple, but as you progress the game also becomes more challenging, allowing you to master your different abilities and rifle options. GRIMHELM, the developer, also did a very good job with the hitboxes and the animations which makes the game really accurate and enjoyable.

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Controls will be familiar to those who played platformers in the past, and you can play with either a keyboard or a USB Xbox controller.

Spot-on sex animations and great sound effects

Alien Quest has really pleasant graphics in general — very smooth animations, good attention to details and a well-crafted environment. In addition to lewd animations, there is a gallery with plenty of H-scenes to satisfy your perverted mind.

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The ambient soundtrack reflects well the apocalyptic atmosphere, along with some nice sound effects during the fights and lewd scenes.

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Should you play Alien Quest?

It’s not a game to play with one hand since you'll need some real focus to get through the multiple challenging stages, but it is quite a good platformer with a nice sexy twist thanks to the hardcore uncensored animations. You can get the free demo version of the Alien Quest: EVE on developer’s blog, that will keep you busy for a fair amount of time. And we hope the full version will be released sometime soon!

How to download Alien Quest: EVE

  1. Follow this link to Alien Quest: EVE download page.
  2. Download the latest free demo and enjoy!
Alien Quest: EVE gallery
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