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Attack on Moe H Download and Review

Attack on Moe H overview

Attack on Moe H (AOMH) is a free-to-play pixel hentai clicker available on Nutaku, where you can summon a number of sexy heroes to fight alongside you against gigantic Moe Titans — Moetans. It is quite similar to Tap Titans, but instead of gigantic monsters you and your heroes encounter cute and sexy animal girls!

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Click and click more to get dirty with sexy girls!

A simple hentai clicker with simple game controls — click as much as you can and collect as much gold as possible. The goal of Attack on Moe H is to fight through a number of monsters and bosses to defeat and catch Moe Spirits, with whom you can flirt and get really dirty!

You progress in the game through stages which all have nine regular Pokemon-like monsters and a boss. At every 10th stage you will have to defeat a Moetan a.k.a Moe Spirit, and the further you progress the more Moe Spirits you will unlock. Alongside your avatar you possess a lot of heroes that you can add up to the game field at certain points of the gameplay. These heroes help you to fight through levels and defeat sexy monsters with ease.

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This is kind of adult game where you can benefit even if you are offline. So focusing on upgrading your heroes rather than your avatar can bring you a lot of gold since it will be generated through passive DPS (damage-per-second).

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A lot of high-quality lewd pictures

The girls are really cute and very kinky! Wanna get some of those nudes with a sweet bee girl, playful cat-girl, an innocent unicorn girl and all sorts of other sexy animal girls? You will have to warm them up by using Climax Power that replenishes over time. The goal is to help your sexy animal girl reach the climax by touching her different body parts, consequently increasing the intimacy experience level and making her strip down more and more...

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Each of the girls has different goals to complete apart from filling the intimacy level. I found the progression in this part of the game rather slow, but what’s really worth this time is that after reaching the intimacy level 5 you can unlock animated hentai sex scenes where cute naked girls riding a huge dildo or performing other fun and kinky stuff ;)

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Ptsss... here is an Attack on Moe sex tip:

Each girl has a hotspot located on her body that brings you slightly more Intimacy points. I recommend you to do a Cloud Save in the setting section before you open the sexy Moetan gallery. So if you weren’t able to find this hotspot fast, you can refresh the browser without exiting the Moe Gallery and try again. The refresh will reset you Heart power level from the last save.

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Should you play Attack on Moe H?

Attack on Moe H is a very addictive pixel clicker with fairly good graphics. The game progression is fun and easy, but the flirting system could be improved. If I could change one thing, I would simplify the goals for intimacy levels with Moe Spirits, thus making the sexual experience more dynamic. But the game itself is fun and it’s definitely worth checking out!

Attack on Moe H is available on Nutaku for free and compatible with the latest version of any browser, also Attack on Moe H is available on Android.

How to download Attack on Moe H

1. Click "Play" button to go on Attack on Moe H game page
2. Once there hit "Play Now", login or create an account for free on Nutaku
4. Enjoy!

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