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ChronoClock Download and Review

ChronoClock overview

What an impact an ability to go back in time for just 5 minutes can create? Play as a guy who makes the most of his time-travelling powers to have fun adventures, help his friends and romance cute girls!

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ChronoClock Visual Novel with Erotic and Fun School Story

Hentai Rom-Com Adventure

A young man Rei Sawatari inherited a valuable gift from his grandfather — a pocket watch that grants an ability to travel back in time. Instead of using it for something cliche like saving the world, Rei had his own kind of fun of confessing his feeling to the cutest girls in school and travel back in time if things would go tricky. Until one day a girl fell from the school rooftop...

Trying to understand what happened Ray used his time-travel ability to make his way on the top of the roof. There he saw the girl Suzuki confessing her feeling to Rey's best friend. Being amazed by her determination and courage our young man decides to help her make the second confession succeed. And that was the beginning of their three-way relationship...

ChronoClock Gameplay and Sexy Hentai

ChronoClock is a fun and sexy hentai visual novel with average 10-30 hours gameplay. The game proposes a rich story with with lots of pantsu shots, lewd jokes, beautiful frontal nudity and fully uncensored erotic moments.

How to download ChronoClock

  1. Click PLAY to go to ChronoClock game page (Denpasoft);
  2. Add ChronoClock to your cart;
  3. Proceed with check out;
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  5. Download and enjoy!
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price $39.99

developer Purple Software



size 4 GB

release 2017

languages EN