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City of Broken Dreamers Download and Review

City of Broken Dreamers overview

Get on an erotic cyberpunk adventure with a dark and sexy story with lots of characters, engaging plot and hot sex scenes!

City of broken dreamers game poster

Erotic Cyberpunk Adventure

Engaging story with a rich plot

City of Broken Dreamers is an adult visual novel that takes place in Los Angeles, in the year 2042. The city where the corporations and elite strata of society are more powerful than ever. You take on the role of a bounty hunter on his next quest to get a young girl with a hidden and troubling secret, that's about to put the city on the verge of massive dissension.

Great 3D graphics and steaming hot sex scenes

City of Broken Dreamers features well-made 3D graphics with animated scenes, a large cast of characters and a rich story. While on your quest, every choice and every interaction you make affects the story and your relationships with the characters in a certain way. Be their friend, be their enemy or proceed to have hot sex with any woman you meet in the game!.

How to download City of Broken Dreamers

  1. Click PLAY to go to City of Broken Dreamers game page (Steam);
  2. Add the game to cart;
  3. Log in or create an account for free;
  4. Download City of Broken Dreamers;
  5. Enjoy!
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price $10

developer PhillyGames


PC / Mac / Linux

size 5 GB

release 2020

languages EN