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Cosmic Shock League Download and Review

Cosmic Shock League overview

A harem of cosmic babes needs your leadership to win battles. Cosmic Shock League is a catchy and entertaining adult game with satisfying MATCH3 battle mechanics, where sexy girls fight by your side and deliver quality lewd hentai scenes. Destroy your enemies in a sci-fi environment and get intimate with the heroines of your harem.

Cosmic Shock League Poster

An interstellar harem of sexy cosmic heroines

After being cryogenically frozen for thousands of years, the main protagonist, the Shock League Champion, finds himself awakened on an interstellar cruiser. And he is not alone! There are also a bunch of Cosmic Shock Girls: skillful sexy fighters who can't remember what they are here for. In order to successfully fight against the intruders, your duty from now on is to fill in the blanks in their memories, improve their combat skills and awaken their deepest sexual desires.

Cosmic Shock League Card Collection

Addictive battle mechanics and horny cosmic girls

Cosmic Shock League has an addictive MATCH3 puzzle fights, either against AI or a real opponent. The player faces the opponent's board and attacks by matching three or more tiles of the same color. The more tile patterns you create the more powerful your hits will be. In addition, you have a selection of chosen cosmic girls, each with a special ability which you can strategically deploy against your opponent.

Cosmic Shock League Cat Girl Kiki Cosmic Shock League Combat Fight

By winning the battle you get all sort of goodies which help you progress in the game, unlock new girls, upgrade their powers and level them up. Eventually allowing you to unlock those juicy hentai scenes with horny heroines of your interstellar harem.

Collectable girls and lewd hentai content

Cosmic Shock League is fully filled with all sort of girls you can have fun with, and new ones are regularly added to the game. By reaching a certain level of each girl you unlock sweet hentai moments with her.

Cosmic Shock League Naked Girl Fanny Boobs Cosmic Shock League Nutaku Naked Girl Pussy

Nutaku claims the game is "overflowing" with adult content, but don't get too excited. That might be the case if you spend quite some time winning the battles and collecting goodies or throw some cash for faster progression. And as a result, you'll get 2-3 very lewd hentai scenes per each girl. Not bad, but not the best either.

Cosmic Shock League Naked Girl Rides Cock

Cosmic Shock League in-game economy

The in-game economy is based on three currencies: Coins, Green Gems and Shards. You receive them on different occasions and by reaching a certain level. The game also offers Chests of different levels, which depending on the level will contain common, rare, epic & legendary sexy cosmic girls and rare currency.

Coins: the common currency, which you get by winning a battle or as a part of daily rewards. With Coins you can level up your heroes or purchase a common Chest.

Green Gems: you get these also by winning battles or as a part of the daily rewards. They are mainly used to be exchanged for a bigger amount of Coins or to purchase premium Chests.

• Shards: these are a rare currency, that you can use to craft a sexy heroine without waiting to get her at some point later in the game. You can get Shards in Chests, by sacrificing one of your existing girls or by completing PVP battle challenges.

Alternatively and to make your life easier you can simply buy all these with real money and enjoy the game with less waiting and more benefits.

Cosmic Shock League Naked Ginger Girl

Should you play Cosmic Shock League?

Cosmic Shock League is a well-made puzzle game with a bonus of a big selection of sexy girl fighters and lewd content. It's an addictive and fun game for both PC and Android gamers that will definitely keep you entertained. Give it a try!

How to download Cosmic Shock League

  1. Click "Play" button to go on Cosmic Shock League page (Nutaku).
  2. Once there hit "Play Now", create an account or log-in on Nutaku.
  3. Play in a browser or download the game for Android.
  4. Enjoy!
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price Free

developer Rouge Games


PC / Mac / Linux / Android / Browser

size 109MB

release 2019

languages EN