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Crystal Maidens Download and Review

Crystal Maidens overview

A harem of horny maidens needs you to save the kingdom! Crystal Maidens is a constantly updated RTS/RPG with tons of high-quality hentai artworks. The game is unique, thanks to its reversed tower-defence battle mechanics, which require some thinking and strategy, as long as you're not too distracted enjoying yourself watching all these magical female creatures craving for a stiff dick.

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The fantasy world of sexy Maidens

This harem RPG takes place in a world full of Crystal Maidens that has been invaded by a powerful Wizard, who enslaved young girls to obey him. Your ship was wrecked in the war against this dark force and you ended up being washed ashore on an unknown island. In order to liberate them all, you will need to build your own kingdom there and fight back with the help of your sexy maidens. Collect and customize your harem of girls with equipment using the crafting system, construct and upgrade buildings to gain access to powerful bonuses to explore an extensive world with many exotic locations.

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An adult game with real battles using tower-defense mechanics

The game is really easy to get your hands on, as most of Nutaku's adult games, it begins with a short tutorial covering most important aspects, and its reversed tower-defence battle mechanics are quite intuitive and fun. You choose any Maiden you possess and simply drag & drop her on the battlefield, she starts running to fight enemies, who protect the finish point which is either an artefact or a boss.

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After winning a match you will be rewarded with various items, such as new equipment for your girls, as well as coins and crystals (these are a resource allowing you to romance with your Maidens and get dirty with them). The set-up of the matches changes every time plus it has a great variety of strategic choices, which makes every battle different. If you are into tower defence game genre you will enjoy the battles. I felt some battles are way too easy to win, but the strategy behind is very fun. You can check the recent gameplay on the video below to get a better idea of this adult game.

The Maidens are separated into five different classes; warriors, engineers, mages, support and marksmen. Each of the Maidens has a basic attack and a special ability. For example, Luna, a big boobs cat-girl from the engineer class uses dark forces to fire big explosive bullets. Lily, a kinky pixie girl, calls the goddess of time to reduce the cooldown of all allies on the map. Or Heet, a hot (and I mean it) ginger girl who is in love with making explosives.

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As with most free-to-play game, in Crystal Maidens you are offered with a variety of resources to progress in the game:

  • Energy — you need the Energy to start a battle and go through a mission. It replenishes over time, which means you will need to wait for a little to begin the next match.
  • Coins — you get Coins at the end of each mission that you can spend on new gear for your Maidens or construct and upgrade your camp.
  • Elemental Crystals — these are also received at the end of each mission, a rare resource allowing you to flirt and romance with your Maidens.

And last but not least:

  • Gems — with Gems you can get more energy regardless of the cooldown, speed up construction time of your buildings, buy new maidens and elemental crystals. Gems are gathered by playing the game, achieving certain goals or in the daily rewards; you can also purchase them with real money.

Lustful high quality illustrations worth fapping

There are currently 40 unique Maidens available in the game to unlock and play, and the list is updating regularly. Moreover, there is a good selection of wonderful uncensored sex artworks and each girl is spicy in its own way! Each of the Maidens has different things to surprise you with: some like anal sex or being treated abusive, others are into squirting and ahegao. And yes, you actually get dirty with each of them!

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Must admit — the quality of the artworks is on point, featuring Japanese anime art-style fused with a western comics style, which brings a lot of visual satisfaction to the game. Most of the visual novel dialogues are simple, showing a girl in a specific posture, but the real fun begins during erotic moments.

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Should you play Crystal Maidens?

I had tons of fun playing Crystal Maidens! The game has plenty of stuff to manage, logical resource management and a very satisfying character evolution. A must try.

Crystal Maidens has been recently updated with a more clear interface, and Nutaku also promises to make Hentai scenes fully animated in the nearest future, so I will definitely keep track of that!

How to download Crystal Maidens

1. Click "Play" button to go on Crystal Maidens game page
2. Once there hit "Play Free", create an account for free or login with your Nutaku credentials
3. Start playing!

Crystal Maidens gallery
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release 2019

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