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Elana Champion of Lust Download and Review

Elana Champion of Lust overview

People have forgotten everything about lust and passion, but sexy fairy Elana was chosen to receive the sexual energy inside her. Control Elana to bring back the natural order of things on the island and have unforgettable lewd adventures in the meantime!

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Bring Lewdness Back to Mankind!

Elana, the Lewd Little Fairy

The Dark Forces removed all the lustful pleasures from mankind, but the energy of lust didn't vanish... As the centuries were passing, the unused energy of lust was concentrating and eventually found its way in the body of a little fairy Elana. Now she is on her quest to return back the forgotten pleasures and lust inside every inhabitant of the island.

Rich Gameplay and Lewd Animated Sex Scenes.

Elana Champion of Lust is an 18+ interactive visual novel with rich gameplay, animated lewd scenes and truly charming artworks which are evolving with every chapter. The game is divided into three chapters from which two are fully complete and available to play now. The game features wide interaction options with multiple characters and a lot of lewd adventures.

How to download Elana Champion of Lust

CHAPTER I: PC / Android

CHAPTER 2: PC / Android

Elana Champion of Lust official Patreon page.

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price $1+

developer Knot Games


PC / Android / Browser

version I-II Chapters

size 852 Mb

release 2020

languages EN