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Fake Lay Download and Review

Fake Lay overview

Fake Lay is an idle free-to-play adult clicker where you play as a cab driver fucking a bunch of girls. Ride around the city and pick some hot babes to star in your fake taxi porn business! Apart from being a clicker, the game proposes some rich management system and some mildly entertaining mini-games. Let’s get on the road!

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Recruit, undress & use

Fake Lay is a browser game with a bunch of girls who want to get all your attention. The game doesn’t feature any particular backstory or a plot. You will use your fake taxi to collect girls from the streets and bribe them into your porn production business. Satisfying these bitches enough with sweet-talk, gifts and attention will quickly raise their affection level, resulting in their willingness to star in your adult movie. With every new affection level and porn scene, they will get more naked. And after reaching a certain affection level, she will become your personal slut.

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Manage like a boss and get juicy rewards

When I said a rich management system, I really meant it. To the point that it becomes confusing sometimes. You have to manage a lot of things — following progressions that happening in the background as you play, participating in challenges and upgrading your chicks.

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You can also send your sluts to participate in a 1v1 battle with a random user. The idea of the battle is to prove girls' sexual skills, either display a juicy blowjob or a deep anal fuck. The higher the stats of your girls are, the higher is the chance to win and the more lewd content you will unlock.

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A very lewd Fake Taxi game

The game provides a broad variety of different girls to appeal to your tastes, who are willing to be undressed from the very beginning. The artworks are done in a very cartoon-ish style with a decent amount of animated scenes.

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Fake Lay also features voice over - read moans - which are quite seductive in most of the cases. Though, I’m not very fond of a background looped soundtracks like this one.

Fake Lay in-game economy

Fake Lay in-game economy is mainly based on Energy points, in-game cash and Diamonds.

• Energy — you use some of the Energy points to help improve your business, level up your skills or train your sluts to perform better at the battles. You get Energy by bringing the girls to the next satisfaction level, through daily rewards, by winning in the battles or by playing mini-games. You can also by Energy with Diamonds.

• Cash — You earn cash by selling the porn videos you've created. Also with Cash you can buy new porn studios, new businesses and gifts for your horny girls.

• Diamonds — The real-money currency. As expected from real money conversions, diamonds can buy you a lot of things. You can buy a Time Machine feature, which basically allows skipping a certain amount of time; instantly buy more Energy, speed up the money flow and skill gain, or simply buy more in-game cash. You can get the Diamonds as part of the daily reward or as a reward for completing some challenges. Another option is to purchase Diamonds with real money.

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Should you play Fake Lay?

In my opinion, Fake Lay is quite a mediocre free-to-play browser game, certainly not the best one out there. Mainly due to its complicated interface and quite cheap-looking gameplay. If you like the style of artworks and you enjoy managing a harem of easy girls willing to fuck and undress than you should give Fake Lay a try.

If you are looking for a fun clicker game with a bunch of hot babes, I would rather encourage you to check out Fap CEO or Attack on Moe H.

How to download Fake Lay

  1. Click "Play" button on the sidebar to get to the Fake Lay official page.
  2. Once there hit "Play Now", create an account (Nutaku free sign-up) or log in.
  3. Play directly in your browser!
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