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Fap CEO Download and Review

Fap CEO overview

Fap CEO is a free 18+ management game mixing elements of a hentai dating simulator and a typical clicker game. It's quite addicting and offers a variety of hot girls and boner-friendly artworks! Start your camgirl business with a ginger secretary, who will help you recruit a lot of cam-girls to entertain your users, making sure you have a steady income and empty balls at all times!

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Business and pleasure are compatible

Fap CEO is an idle clicker game that generates money over time. You grow your income by clicking on girls you've recruited in camgirl empire. The more your income grows, the more you can invest to recruit and upgrade your cock-thirsty employees with various items such as new lingerie, higher quality webcams or dildos, which in return will increase the profit of your adult entertainment business. Good thing, you keep generating revenue even if the game is offline, so returning to it after some time will provide you with a larger sum to spend on juicy upgrades.

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In the meantime, your camgirls communicate and openly flirt with you via e-mail. In return for treating them right, replying nicely and sending them presents will have them send you dirty uncensored pics. So nice and dirty I couldn't resist (don't blame me I'm weak).

Sadly you have a reply limit of 2 e-mails, which renews over time. However, you can increase the limit with in-game currency or, if you really can't wait, with real money.

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Fap CEO in-game economy and a useful tip

The in-game economy is based on two currencies: gems and keys. You receive them from time to time depending on your game progress and by completing achievements.

  • Gems — so, this e-mail thing that I've mentioned earlier has a general reply limit of two, which renews overtime. Gems give you a lot — you can increase the inbox limit, buy time rewind tokens, get an income multiplier, play on a spinning wheel and buy keys. Apart from receiving them over time, you can also purchase them with real money.

Tip: If you feel you want more and ready to pay a fairly small amount of cash, I recommend to spend some money on purchasing Gems and increase an e-mail reply limit up to 8, so the next day you can chat with your sexy camgirls much longer and get those sassy sexy pics much faster. Another option is to get some Rewind Tokens which help you to reduce the waiting time. The best is to combine these two.

  • Keys: — the Keys can be purchased with Gems and are used to open loot chests with various special items, such as submission crystals, buttplugs, erotic roses and many more, which you can use on your dirty girls to cheer them up and get a higher chance to receive some nudes. As well as for Gems, you also can purchase Keys with real money.
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Hardworking and horny virtual cam-girls

The game provides a broad variety of horny girls with unique personalities. There you can meet an innocent 18 years old schoolgirl or a fully experienced porn actress; each with her own backstory and sexual preferences. So, there is a great chance that you will enjoy a nice tight anal sex or a deep throat depending on what they like most.

The illustrations have an anime style combined with a western approach; very colourful, with a variety of POVs and very lewd scenes!

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Should you play Fap CEO?

In my opinion, Fap CEO is pretty decent porn game with a good fappable artwork selection. The best way to play it is probably to keep the game open in a tab or come back to it from time to time to keep up with the progress. Despite having in-game purchases you can enjoy the game fully if you are patient enough.

How to download Fap CEO

  1. Click "Play" button on the sidebar to go to Fap CEO's official game page.
  2. Once there hit "Play Now", login or create an account for free
  3. Play directly in your browser!
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price Free

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PC / Mac / Linux / Android / Browser

release 2019

languages EN / ES / FR / DE / JP