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Girls Garrison TD Download and Review

Girls Garrison TD overview

A classical tower defense in which you can recruit sexy heroes that will help you on the battlefield with unique abilities. Get to know them intimately and unlock more than 50 unique lewd artworks while developing your relationship. Discover 16 maps, each with 3 different difficulty settings plus an endless mode where you can compete on leaderboards.

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A good and complete tower defense

If you never played a Tower Defense game, well the idea is quite simple. It is a strategy game where your goal is to defend your territory by building defensive structures on the path of the ennemy attackers. In Girls Garrison TD you will have a certain amount of lifepoints and each ennemy reaching their destination will cost you one lifepoint. So you have to make sure to kill them all before they do!

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You will have three categories of defenses, that the game will take care of explaining you during the tutorial anyway. First the buildings, four types of them that you can upgrade in different ways to fit better the needs of the map. Second your heroes - your waifus - that you can move around the map and that all have an active and passive spell to assist you in your fights. And third you have two spells, a destructive lightning bold to clear strong or numerous foes, and a mercenary summon that can help you save a bit of time when the fight gets too intense.

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Mechanics and in-game currencies

The game has different currencies and mechanics that are important to get your hands on.

  • Energy: You basically need to spend energy to play maps. It refills automatically and leaves you a good enough amount of playtime that you don't have to buy more.
  • Coins: It's your main currency. You will need it and use it quite without paying attention and you also get quite enough by simply clearing the maps
  • Gems: The premium currency. You earn some while playing and completing quests or you can buy some with real money.
  • Items: When you complete maps you will get different types of items that will assist you in different tasks: XP flasks to level up heroes land make them stronger, upgrade items to level up your construction and get passive bonuses, gifts items that you will need to give your girls in order unlock some juicy artworks, and sweep tickets that allows you to get the rewards from a map without having to play it, under the condition that you already completed it with three stars (maximum score). Those are good for farming items.
  • Replies: You start with a maximum of 2 replies and you refill 1 every hour. Replies allow you to converse with a girl and ultimately unlock lewd pictures.
Girls Garrison Td Adult Game Items Girls Garrison Td Porn Game Victory Screen Girls Garrison Td Sex Picture

Might seem a bit overwhelming but you quickly get the hang of it. Generally speaking, the progression is quite easy and nice for the first 20-30 hours of gameplay, after what the progression will get slower and you will need to farm previous levels or use your sweep tickets to collect items and progress in the game.

As a vanilla tower defense player I would have liked to have more building options and more levels but the difficulty remains quite challenging and makes the game quite addictive and fun overall.

The girls and the sex content in Girls Garrison

Like any free-to-play game, the developers are expecting you to spend a bit of money here and there to unlock more lewd content, and this is probably where the game disappointed me a bit. The adult artworks are average and the girls are quite hard to unlock. After a good 20 hours of gameplay I could only unlock 4 girls and a dozen sex artworks, wihich got me a bit frustrated.

Girls Garrison Td Porn Izumi Blowjob Girls Garrison Td Porn Epione 69 Girls Garrison Td Porn Epione Anal

It's not much about the reply limit (that you can increase with gems anyway) but about the amount of artworks that you unlock and the time you need to spend in the game to unlock them. So generally speaking, it's a good game but not an amazing adult game.

Should you play Girls Garrison TD

As said earlier, Girls Garrison TD is a good game eventhough the adult content can be a bit frustrating to unlock. I played the game for around a month and I had quite some fun with it. If you're looking for a entertaining game that you can play on both computer and Android then you should definitely give it a try!

How to download Girls Garrison TD

  1. Click "Play" button to go on Girls Garrison TD page (Nutaku).
  2. Once there hit "Play Now", create an account or log-in on Nutaku.
  3. Play in browser or download the game for Android.
  4. Enjoy!
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developer Epic Mount Games


PC / Mac / Linux / Android / Browser

size 91MB

release 2019

languages EN