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Good Girl Gone Bad Download and Review

Good Girl Gone Bad overview

Good Girl Gone Bad is an adult visual novel with a well-developed multiple paths storyline, a lot of hot characters, and a great amount of lewd and daring content! Play as a hot college girl, who is faced with a lot of tempting choices setting her off on various life paths. Either path you choose, right or wrong, be ready to enjoy a lot of very fappable material!

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A seductive journey of a ginger hottie

You play as a charming ginger college girl Ashley, who is completely happy with her chill life. She has a perfect boyfriend, happy family and a best friend… But will it always be that way? Or will she want to try something more tempting?

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And it all starts at once: Ashley, who’s also a perfect student, won’t be getting a scholarship for the next year, her parents broke up because her dad is a depressive suck and her boyfriend decides to leave for a volunteer mission to Somalia for half a year. Leaving Ashley all by herself with her problems… or with untied hands and complete freedom to live life at its fullest!

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The hot ginger girl will be able to slip into a completely different lifestyle. There she will experience a bunch of daring events, ranging from innocent ones like buying her first vibrator and trying out anal, to a hot orgy with drug dealers and getting naughty with her boyfriend’s dad.

An adult visual novel with an addictive narrative

In general, the gameplay is very clear — classic visual novel adventure with lots of decision making that leads the main character Ashley on a good or a bad side, and turns her into one of the five personalities: Good Ashley, Sexy Ashley, Whore Ashley, Thug Ashley, and Bimbo Ashley. All depending on the choices you make. So you can embrace yourself for various very spicy journeys and discover the content you haven’t reached yet!

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Good Girl Gone Bad has pretty long gameplay, difficult to say the exact amount of hours, but it will definitely keep your hands busy for a couple of days.

During my first game session, I tried to make choices that I was personally fine with, but it ended up turning lovely girl Ashley into an angel. But a boring one. So I thought, fuck it, and started to embrace every vicious possibility I had. That’s where the real fun begins! A daring lifestyle full of hot dirty sex, fame, success and nightlife!

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Original western style lewd artworks

All the girls in the game have hot sleek bodies with very seductive assets, juicy asses and beautiful boobs. The artworks are done in a western comic style; it doesn’t feature very detailed graphics, but the great variety of POV’s and various scenes and locations really make up for that!

The game also has occasional sound effects and a chill background music.

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Should you play Good Girl Gone Bad?

No surprise, the game will definitely satisfy the lovers of seeing good girls turning bad ;) Thanks to its well-developed storyline, reach content, a great number of events, and very lewd and dirty scenes, Good Girl Gone Bad deservedly takes its place among the most popular adult visual novels. Its a game with very addictive and very fulfilling gameplay. A must try.

How to download Good Girl Gone Bad

  1. Follow this link to an official developer's EvaKiss website (Patreon);
  2. Sign up or log in if you already have an account on Patreon;
  3. Pledge the minimum of $2 to download Good Girl Gone Bad;
  4. Download and enjoy!
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price $2+

developer EvaKiss


PC / Mac / Linux

size 1.14 GB

release 2019

languages EN