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House Party Download and Review

House Party overview

House Party is a student party simulation in 3D created by Eek! Games where you will fuck girls by completing interactive quests. It has sold close to half a million copies already and delivers some amazing graphics with top-notch voice acting. The game features a nonlinear gameplay allowing you explore the different storylines as well as the custom ones created by the community.

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Finally a party full of girls that you can fuck

You play as a young handsome dude, invited to a house party where you will experience the different aspects of a typical night over - unfamiliar people, friends of friends, alcohol, debauchery and, of course, hot girls you can potentially bang!

The set up takes place in a medium-sized house including the garden. You can freely move around, interact with all the objects, and talk to people.

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The game creates a real-life house party atmosphere. The guests are casually walking around, communicating with one another, dancing, drinking, and basically having fun. There is no particular storyline, and the main objective for you is to get laid with the babe you like! From the beginning, you will have to walk around the location, talk to people, get to know them better to get more intimiate, and collect various objects that can help you in your progression.

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Fun and original quests to achieve your goals

You will meet seven unique girls - eight if you reach the late game - with different personalities, attitudes and lustful bodies, from a shy blonde with big boobs called Brittney to a hard-to-get sexy smart-ass girl named Katherine.

Each girl posess a different sequence of small quests, which will get your dicked sucked or more if you can complete them without making mistakes. Some will be easy to complete, others will require more ingenuity and research. If the creativity of the developers shines when it comes to create the quests, you might feel like a mysoginistic asshole for completing them. I mean that's a lot a bullying going on there, but well, it's just a game right?

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The game really emphasizes the gossip aspect of the adventure. You can overhear people talking next to you, but they can also overhear you. So keep in mind that if you are rumouring or planning on plotting some shady shit against someone, there might be consequences.

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A full game will last around an hour, but House Party is meant to be replayed several times if you wish to try yourself with different girls. The interactions and quest will often have you block the development with some girls in order to please others. For example, the party host girl Madison quite unsympathetic towards her sister, so in order to get along with one, you will have to betray the other.

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More content thanks to the community stories

If the original game features some classic back-alley blowjobs, some people managed to create a story featuring an orgy, which sounds way funnier to me! The House Party devs understood the potential creativity from the community and created a custom story creator. Check out the House Party official forum to download custom stories.

Beautiful graphics and spot-on voice over

Overall, the 3D graphics are really good. The textures are great, the character models are fine; they move sort of naturally, logically interact with each other and the environment, and generally create a very convincing "american-party" atmosphere.

However the sex still lacks details in the animation. Blowjobs are boring, your dick has no collision or proper alignement whatsoever during sex, and the positions repeat among girls. The story and the struggle to get there will still be satisfying, but there is quite some room for improvements here.

But what really surprised me is the top-notch voice acting. Each character has unique voice lines. Professional ones are still pretty rare in the adult gaming industry and it feels good to see that apart from creating good looking environments, they aksi invest in a great and immersive voice acting.

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Should you play House Party?

House Party is a must try. Even though it’s experiencing improvements and is still in early access on Steam, it proposes enough content to have fun for quite some time. You won't be amazed by the quantity of lewd action, but the game does a good job at creating an immersive adventure. Thumbs up anyway to Eek Games who managed to surprise and gather both the mainstream and the adult community around a fun game.

How to download House Party

  1. Purchase House Party on Steam.
  2. Read on how to add the uncensored patch here.
  3. Enjoy!
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