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Kurovadis Download and Review

Kurovadis overview

After having tons of fun playing Eroico, I stumbled uppon Kurovadis, also created by Kyrieku. And well, if I was looking for another hardcore lewd platformer, I guess I found what I came for. If Eroico sex scenes were featuring a lone prince getting sexually assaulted by cute monsters, Kurovadis is really about getting a sexy ginger space-warrior fucked by weird ass monsters in a speed-run friendly platformer environment.

Kurovadis Poster

Kurovadis is a sexy yet hardcore pixel platformer

Kurovadis is a pixel-art platformer borrowing elements of gameplay from your typical old-school Metroid Prime or Megaman. You incarnate a young redhead space-warrior (or whatever she is) fighting / escaping a world filled with weird horny monsters, slimes, wizards, ghosts and other entities that I couldn’t possibly name. What is the main story? Who knows! Who cares actually? There is no lore or whatsoever but it doesn’t take the fun (and torture) away from the game.

Your job is simple, explore the corridors and the levels, find a new skill here and there, upgrade your statistics as you level up by fighting monsters, get and, finally, try not to smash your keyboard too hard.

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A complicated escape filled with countless horny creatures

As mentionned before, I have been playing Eroico, a recent game from the developer that surprised me for its subtle sadism when it came to creating monsters with annoying patterns. Well, guess what, Kurovadis turns out to be more cruel than its younger brother.

Kurovadis Screenshot 6

Your journey starts in the middle of nowhere, armed with a gun and your bare fists to fight your way through what seems to be a fallen spaceship on an alien planet. After figuring out the controls, you will quickly encounter your first opponents and start exploring a gigantic level. You will find some vines or boxes blocking access to certain areas, don’t worry, those will be accessible later using skills obtained during your adventure.

Alright great, but how is that an adult game? Well, wait until you get knocked out by a monster to find out. If you don’t regain consciousness before an opponent gets his hands on your sexy space-ranger body, they will happily put their dicks up your ass and your mouth and lay a good amount of pixelated semen inside you. It might be a pixel sex game, but the details are truly impressive! Moreover, if you die in addition to getting knocked out, then your death screen will be no less than a homemade artwork of your beautiful redhead getting boned by whatever creature killed you.

Kurovadis Screenshot 1

A stunning atmosphere lacking adult content

As expected from Kyrieku, the sound effects and the music are absolutely stunning. Every environment has a different soundtrack which sets up the atmosphere beautifully. Needless to say that the animations and the pixel art are everything you could expect from a classic retro platformer, from the different stages to the boss fights, the minimalistic graphics are all you need to get you instantly hooked up. On a side note I will admit that the artworks from the death screens are not as jaw-dropping as the rest of the game but I believe that the game itself was developed at the beginning of Kyrieku's career as both an adult game developer and an artist.

Should you play Kurovadis?

If you’re looking for a one-hand game with a good amount of nude artworks, you should pass. However, if you’re into having a few hours of fun on a classic platformer, then you should definitely try Kurovadis!

How to download Kurovadis

  1. Follow this link.
  2. Download Kurovadis demo or buy the game for 5$ by following the instructions on the page.
  3. Play!
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price $5

developer Kyrieru



size 85 MB

release 2013

languages EN