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Lewd Leaf Land Download and Review

Lewd Leaf Land overview

A short yet beautiful sidescroller pixel game where you play as Molly, a big boobed and bouncy Tanuki-girl who decides to collect maple leaves under the moolight to prepare herself a cup of tea. Her adventure will lead her to much more than a simple evening stroll... The game is short so this review will contain end game SPOILERS. If you'd like to avoid them, play the damn game!

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Help Molly get 36 maple leaves for the tea

The nerdy looking Tanuki-girl can't seem to fall asleep but she's up for a good cup of maple tea. Some would say it won't help her fall asleep either but who cares! Let's go on an adventure! Armed with her bagpack and a pair of headphones, she sneaks out to take a long walk under the moonlight.

Lewd Leaf Land Molly Bed Lewd Leaf Land Village Lewd Leaf Land Adventure

The game is pretty straighforward. Move, jump and slide your way to collect piles of leaves hidden in the different corners of the single-level.

You will also find bus stops that accounts for checkpoints and that will update everytime you pass by, which will come handy when you try to reach a pile of leaves hidden below eye-level, only to see yourself falling into a damn hole and respawn to the latest checkpoint visited.

A curious little world with a peculiar beauty

It's hard not to enjoy the pixel design and the colorful palette of Lewd Leaf Land. You might only spend 15 minutes on the game yet you wish you could see more of it. You almost want to jump in and find some leaves to make yourself a cup of tea too. Of course there is not much to do, but it's relaxing as fuck.

Lewd Leaf Land Checkpoint Lewd Leaf Land Sex Game

All while enjoying the calm and curious atmosphere of the automn landscape perfected with an amazing little soundtrack that you can (and should) listen below.

Alright but where is the sex in all of this?

Chill out dude, it's coming. After collecting your 36 leaves, you will be able to make your tea in a strange spot in the forest at the end of the level. But Molly doesn't seem to be feeling very well after drinking her cup. Or maybe she feels too well? Too wet? Too horny?

She eventually meets with a weird creature that will turn her trippy fantasy into reality and pleasure the naughty Tanuki slut that she is deep inside her.

Lewd Leaf Land Molly Wet Lewd Leaf Land Tea Deer Naked Lewd Leaf Land Porn Game

Should you play Lewd Leaf Land?

Of course you should! It won't take you long, it's free and you will enjoy it. Also you should definitely tip the developers if you download the game from, at least a cup of coffee, they really diserve that. And if you're looking for a more challenging sexy pixel sidescroller, you should check Eroico!

How to download Lewd Leaf Land

  1. Follow this link to Lewd Leaf Land page
  2. Click the button "Download Now" and name your own price
  3. Extract the content of the compressed file
  4. Enjoy!
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price Free

developer Ahegames



size 30.7MB

release 2019

languages EN