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Love Vibe: Aria Download and Review

Love Vibe: Aria overview

Meet Aria, your VR girlfriend! She's hot, she's playful and she's horny for your cock. Love Vibe: Aria offers a virtual dating-sim experience through a sex simulation adventure with a beautiful looking and well animated partner.

Love Vibe Aria Poster

Aria is already in love with you

Your virtual experience starts in the corridor of a house where you will have access to two different rooms, a living room and a bedroom. After learning the basic moves to be able to oriente yourslef, you will first step in the living room where Aria awaits to give you a dance in a sexy outfit. A simple yet enjoyable experience to get familiar with the well-polished graphics and to get a closer look to your new virtual girlfriend.

Love Vibe Aria Screenshot Underwear Love Vibe Aria Screenshot Dancing Love Vibe Aria Screenshot Devil Outfit

Let's fuck Aria should we?

Once Aria is done sweet-talking to you and showing her beautiful assets, you will be moved to the bedroom where she awaits for you, naked, on the bed.

Your job is quite simple, enjoy the view - grab your real dongle at the same time if you'd like to - and make her come in order to unlock new positions. To give her pleasure you will have to adjust the fuck speed as well as the position variants. For each position you have two handles, a red and a blue one, that you can move up and down to change the current position slightly and make sure Aria doesn't get bored.

The pleasure gauge on your left will indicate you when she's having pleasure and how far she is from climaxing. Then it's pretty much it! Get your meat ready and unlock all the positions!

Love Vibe Aria Screenshot Doggystyle Love Vibe Aria Screenshot Handles Love Vibe Aria Screenshot Menu

An average porn VR experience with good graphics

Overall the game looks pretty good. The Red Vibe team improved a lot since their first release Elven Love, bringing a simpler yet realistic environment and creating quite a realistic character in the name of Aria. It was clearly created to beat your meat and I think it's fulfilling its role pretty well.

Aria is hot, her face animations and lips are really on point. She's far from all the creepy models I've seen in VR in the past, and that is a big plus when it comes to fappable material.

Love Vibe Aria Screenshot Mouth Close Up Love Vibe Aria Screenshot Missionary Love Vibe Aria Screenshot Blowjob

But we can't ignore the different points to improve: the animations, especially genitals, could be much more realistic. The voice over is also very mitigated, while I enjoyed having an actual girl voice doing some candy-talk, it sometimes gets too close to a porn movie and can be off-putting.

The body interactions are also a bit limited, you can grab boobs and move her hair slightly but that's pretty much it. Also there is not dating-sim elements, which could make the game much more interesting to go back to.

Should you play Love Vibe: Aria?

Overall Love Vibe: Aria is not a bad game. It shows a lot of potential for future games from Red Vibe studio and it remains a good VR simulation experience. It's not as polished as Kanojo VR or doesn't go as far as Virt-A-Mate in animations or realism but it is still worth a go.

How to download Love Vibe: Aria

  1. Download Steam and create an account.
  2. Go to Love Vibe: Aria Steam page and buy the game.
  3. Download the game through your Steam launcher.
  4. Enjoy!
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price $14.99

developer Red Vibe Studio



size 2.92GB

release 2019

languages EN