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Lucy Got Problems Download and Review

Lucy Got Problems overview

Go on a yuri adventure with a clumsy big boobed succubus girl Lucy. Lucy Got Problems is an interactive visual novel with multiple endings, witty dialogues, anime-like humour and very sexy artworks!

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Sexy succubus on a yuri adventure

Lucy is a young succubus spy being assigned to a secret mission by the sexy and powerful Priestess Taimat. Hoping to have a glance at her ruler’s panties for a reward, Lucy sets off to the Elven forest…

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Being all adorably foolish and distracted by everything around her, Lucy completely forgot what the mission was the moment she arrived. Dreaming about her Priestess’s sexy underwear and being afraid to come back empty-handed, this adorable succubus finally decides to roam around the forest.

Along her journey she encounters a bunch of cute, funny and sexy forest creatures and gets into very lewd situations with them...

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Fun adult visual novel with interactive gameplay

From the beginning the game proposes with three play modes:

  • Skippable, with no dead-ends;
  • Normal gameplay with dead-ends;
  • Difficult, with every tough moment the story may provide.

When choosing the normal or difficult mode, the game will provide a good balance of point&click adventures and decision making, leading the story towards one of the multiple endings. Some could be fatal, but you can continue from the last choice you’ve made.

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The visual novel has very humorous dialogues, from serious topics to a sudden disaster such as finding raisins in Lucy's muffin... DON'T PUT RAISINS IN MUFFINS! Also, most of the dialogue sequences have dynamic action scenes, multiple artworks reflecting the story and very lively expressions. And some decisions have time-limited answers bringing an emotional aspect to the gameplay.

The story will keep you busy for around 3 to 5 hours which is a reasonable time to enjoy the multiple aspects of Lucy Got Problems without getting tired of it.

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Spicy yuri scenes with sexy creatures

The lewd moments are hot! The girls are cute and sexy, depicted in a beautiful Asian style, with just enough tight clothes on them to cover the “sensitive” areas. Expect some high-quality lewd artworks when Lucy’s ass gets in trouble, some booby-bouncing and exciting yuri scenes!

The soundtrack was composed by Sei Mutsuki. It really adds richness to the game since the soundtrack always matches the situation. Along with the sound effects, we can consider that the music is a real asset to the game. Good job!

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Should you play Lucy Got Problems?

If you are looking for a fun and spicy yuri game, you are at the right place — thanks to its original humour, a bunch of hot girls, awesome lewd artworks and entertaining gameplay Lucy Got Problems became one of my favourite visual novels. You can download the full adult version of Lucy Got Problems on MangaGamer. Another option is to get the all-ages version on Steam and lewd it up with an 18+ patch.

How to download Lucy Got Problems

  1. Follow this link to the Lucy Got Problems download page (MangaGamer).
  2. Add game to cart, proceed with checkout.
  3. Sign up to MangaGamer or log in if you already have an account there to buy the game.
  4. Download and enjoy!
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price $7.95

developer Flat Chest Dev


PC / Mac / Linux

size 610 MB

release 2019

languages EN / DE