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Lust Epidemic Download and Review

Lust Epidemic is a dark adult RPG created by NLT where you get to play as Brad, a student who gets lost in the college Saint Dame University after a hurricane has struck the town. Your adventure will begin in this creepy and ancient campus full of mysteries and secrets, while getting to know the characters living there, including a lot of very hot MILFs! The game contains more than +100 animated sex scenes and +500 voice files. Already praised by the adult gaming community, Lust Epidemic is a must play for any RPG and MILFs enthousiast that we can only recommend. You'll need to be a $2 patron in order to get the full game but you can also play the free release right here!

How to download Lust Epidemic

  1. Click on the "Play" button
  2. Support NLT by becoming a $2 patron to access the Patreon pust with the full version download
  • You can also access the free release right here (v.61042)

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Lust Epidemic trailer
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price 2$

developer NTL Media


PC / Mac / Linux / Android

game size 4.16 GB

last updated 2019

languages EN