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Magi Trials Download and Review

Magi Trials overview

Pursuing a dream to become a sorcerer the main character Shaun is trying to get into a Royal Academy of Magi. Feeling insecure of his skills as a mage he discovers a dark ritual which supposed to increase his magical powers. But something went wrong and after a blackout, Shaun found himself transformed into a sexy girl with huge bouncy boobs...

Highschool Romance: Magi Trias
is a soft yuri visual novel with a light feeling of sexual tension along the journey. The game doesn't have explicit nudity or straightforward sex scenes, but rather sexy lesbian moments and inviting big-boobed bodies. On top of that the visual novel features high-quality artworks drawn in a unique western style, tongue in cheek dialogues and miltiple story endings. It's a great game if you are looking for a light teasing lesbian visual novel with sexy school girls.

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price $9.99

developer Dharker Studio


PC / Mac / Linux

size 310 Mb

release 2017

languages EN