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Magical Girdle Download and Review

Odysseus Schliemann, is an adventurer in his heart with a strong passion for treasure and beautiful girls, always gets into trouble on his way. Be his guide to keep Odysseus out of trouble and bring him to the biggest dream, the Amazon Queen — Magical Girdle of Hippolyte. The game is an adult visual novel adventure with three multiple endings and decision making on the way. Explore various locations, meet sexy women and get dirty with them all!

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How to download Magical Girdle

  1. Follow this link to an official Magical Girdle download page
  2. Pledge the minimum amount of $5.90
  3. Download and enjoy!

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Magical Girdle trailer
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price $5.90

developer KEXBOY


PC / Mac / Linux / Android

game size 519 Mb

last updated 2019

languages EN