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Negligee: Love Stories Download and Review

Negligee: Love Stories overview

Negligee: Love Stories is a hentai visual novel created by Dharker Studio and it recently became the first fully uncensored adult game to be released on Steam (congratulations!). The game unveils the love stories of four cute and horny girls and offers a good amount of exciting artworks and hot uncensored sex scenes, along with multiple endings!

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A premium visual novel with spicy girls trapped in erotic lingerie

The game features four unique stories, unveiling the lives of four sexy teens; Karen, Jasmine, Charlotte and Sophie. Each of them has a unique temper, they all work at the same lingerie boutique, which already gives you a hint regarding the kind of hot outfits they will be dressing with. You play from each girl’s perspective, allowing YOU to make decisions that will influence their future and lead to different possible endings.

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Karen is a kinky ginger girl, in addition, a manager at the Negligee boutique. Bored and tired of her jerk husband, she gets carried in a sexual affair with one of her clients. Her story is filled with erotic moments, including semi-public sex and some tasty pussy licking.

Jasmin is a blonde stripper with huge boobs, attempting to succeed in the adult entertainment industry. In the research of opportunities and money, she decides to provide VIP dance sessions for clients and eventually ends up starring in a blowjob movie shoot.

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Charlotte just turned 18. She is an innocent teen who plays basketball in a school team. Uncertain about what to do with her life, she will eventually discover the joys of sucking a cock, swallowing a load of hot sperm, and experience her first yuri sex by going down on her best friend’s pussy.

Last but not least, Sophie is a spicy schoolgirl who enjoys getting her pussy publicly fucked by perverts on the train. She ends up viciously banging one of her classmates, and experiences a threesome and a gangbang with complete strangers.

A sexual adventure that can be played with one hand

As in most adult visual novels powered by the Ren’py engine, Negligeé gameplay is quite forward and easy. So easy, that you can actually handle it with one hand. You will be prompted to make certain decisions leading the story towards one of the multiple endings. There is no right or wrong decisions, and after reaching the end of your sexual adventure, you can always replay the story and discover all the possibilities the game has to offer.

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A great amount of lewd artworks and hot scenarios

The game will definitely satisfy the amateurs of innocent teens with young pussies and big boobs trapped in sexy bras. The artworks alone are stunning. A colorful and lustful Japanese hentai style with noticeable attention to details. The game also features high-quality semi-animated scenes, adding an extra of spiciness to your adventure. Each story is equally enjoyable and offers a really good amount of fappable material. It's hard to stop when you get started!

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Should you play Negligee: Love Stories?

Overall, I had a lot of fun. In the beginning, I was a little disappointed by the softness of the porn material, but the more I played the more I was drawn into the stories. While the sex scenes are painfully horny, the dialogues are not too long or boring to read, just enough to get the idea of a situation and start to look forward to the next one. Definitely worth the price.

How to download Negligee: Love Stories

  1. Follow this link to Negligee: Love Stories download page.
  2. Sign-in or create an account on Nutaku.
  3. Download and enjoy!
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price $13.99

developer Dharker Studio



size 811.6 MB

release 2018

languages EN