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Orange Trainer Download and Review

Orange Trainer overview

Turn Ahsoka Tano to your personal fuck slave! A Star Wars parody in which you will turn a space station into an outlaw's paradise. Fight against the CIS, upgrade your station and unlock more girls to complete your collection of hoes.

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Finally, a lewd game for Star Wars fans!

Don't let the name fool you, this Ren'py parody game is all about training Ahsoka Tano from the Clone Wars television series into becoming your own personal fucktoy. The story is rather simplistic. You're a smuggler who awakens on a decrepit old space station with Ahsoka Tano, and you quickly find yourself with a potential money-maker on your hands. You and Ahsoka are the only organic beings on the station, and you convince the attending droids to give you ownership of the space station so that you can turn it into an outlaw's paradise.

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Make money for your honey

When you're not trying to corrupt Ahsoka into being your sex slave, you're trying to make money (in this case Hypermatter) by performing random smuggling jobs, or fighting for the Republic or Confederacy. You need hypermatter to upgrade your station, build new starships to send on tasks, and buying gifts for your orange trainee when her mood plummets.

The gameplay is a mixed bag at times, sometimes you just can't seem to win against the CIS because your ships can be destroyed and it's quite expensive to replace them. When the CIS gains the upper hand, Ahsoka becomes very depressed and she needs a lot of gifts or time off to keep her spirits up.

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Orange isn't the only color in the game, but it's a pretty important one

The lewd art assets are hand-drawn and high-quality. While animation is minimal to non-existant, the writing that accompanies it tends to get pretty hot. There are segments where there is no art, causing you to use your imagination.

The developer has used some sound files to make up for it, which is hit or miss. The music is adequate, and though you probably won't be hearing John Williams, what you do listen to seems to fit the game.

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Should you play Orange Trainer?

The game doesn't pretend to be something it's not. You progressively unlock more scenes with Ahsoka as you play through the comedic storyline, but the money-making aspects can be frustrating as you blow your wad [of cash] on upgrades that don't seem to do anything noticable, and eventually require you to rely on Ahsoka more and more in order to make money performing humiliating and degrading acts on other planets.

You also get the opportunity to unlock other girls as the storyline progresses, so you aren't just stuck with Ahsoka all the time. The game doesn't take itself too seriously, breaking the fourth wall on a regular basis. All in all, unless you're a Star Wars fan, you can probably skip this one.

How to download Orange Trainer

  1. Follow this link to the developer's Patreon page and look for Orange Trainer download links under "finished projects"
  2. Choose your platform and download the game.
  3. Enjoy!
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price Free

developer Exiscoming


PC / Mac / Android

size 140MB

release 2018

languages EN