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Pigglet in Mrs. Big Bad Werewolf Download and Review

Pigglet in Mrs. Big Bad Werewolf overview

Pigglet is a nasty little pig. Armed with his old-school haircut and his pink cock, he pays a visit to the most monstruous restaurant in the forest: Mrs. Big Bad Werewolf. The place is filled with naughty monsters who don't seem to know how to run a restaurant, so it will be your duty to assist them and experience all the sexual benefits of being a helpful little pig!

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After the incredible events of Pigglet in Mrs. Big Bad Wyvern, our little pig is back for more adventures! This casual and funny animated RPG is still in development, but it's perfectly playable and promises to keep you entertained.

Pigglet is back and he's horny!

Your adventure begins in a colorful yet creepy forest. You play as Pigglet who just drove three hours to claim a free meal in the weirdest and scariest restaurant he could possibly find: Mrs. Big Bad Werewolf. After meeting with a very sexy wolf outside the building, you step into the restaurant and quickly find out that no one here seems to be understanding how to properly run a restaurant. Also pretty much all of them are monster girls!

Pigglet In Mrs Big Bad Werewolf Restaurant Pigglet In Mrs Big Bad Werewolf Witch Pigglet in mrs big bad werewolf forest

But Pigglet has no fear for such things. With a bit of humor and motivation, he decides to assist the slacking team to get his free meal by all means. There begins a long series of quests that will ultimately help you obtain the delicious "Batto Udon" that you came for. During this journey you will meet with the unique inhabitants of the restaurant and get to know them very... intimately.

You won't get bored with Pigglet

Your journey among the naughty monsters will be a great experience. As much for the dialogues as for the well-designed puzzles or the fights, Team Tailnut doesn't want you to get bored and you don't. The short dialogues and the dynamics of the quests always keep you moving around only to enjoy and admire the beauty and quality of the game design. It's smooth, it's bug-free and it's more polished than most mainstream games.

Pigglet In Mrs Big Bad Werewolf Fight

Funky sex scenes on funky music!

Talking about game design, both the environments, the characters and the lewd scenes are great. The unique art-style of Dez and Oni always makes you want more. The sex animations are simple yet juicy and it's always an explosion of tasty and colorful pussies.

Pigglet In Mrs Big Bad Werewolf Screenshot Hot House Pigglet In Mrs Big Bad Werewolf Rosa Pigglet in mrs big bad werewolf mori moto

The soundtracks fits the environment and sets the tone: always funky. I want to believe they composed the music but I won't blame them if they don't since it's so good. No voice-over here but a well polished sound effect for dialogues that will remind you the classic old RPGs sounds.

Bonus: Pigglet in Mrs. Big Bad Wyvern

As mentioned earlier, Pigglet in Mrs. Big Bad Werewolf is the second game from the Pigglet series, coming after Pigglet in Mrs. Big Bad Wyvern.

In the first game, Pigglet decided it would be fun to do some cyber-bullying and write a bunch of mean jokes on Mrs. Wyvern's live webcam show. Unfortunately, he forgot the fact that the sexy creature lived just around the corner so he ended up getting swallowed alive (what a nasty little pig). You will have to escape Mrs. Wyvern intestins in a series of small quests that are quite similar to an escape room.

Pigglet In Mrs Big Bad Wyvern Screenshot Pigglet In Mrs Big Bad Wyvern Coppernica

Should you play Pigglet in Mrs. Big Bad Werewolf?

As if you were not convinced yet, I would obviously invite you to play both Pigglet games. They both have public free versions and if you want to unlock all the lewd scenes and get access to the newest versions of the games, you can support them on Patreon. This would also give you access to their second project: Quidget the Wonderwiener, another beautiful little RPG.

Generally speaking, Team Tailnut's universe is very addictive. They put a lot of personality in their games and it's what makes them so unique. We really hope to see what the game will offer in the future and we can't congratulate them enough for their amazing work.

How to download Pigglet in Mrs. Big Bad Werewolf

  1. Follow this link to Team Tailnut's Patreon page.
  2. Follow the links to Gamejold or Newgrounds to play the free public version or become a patron to access the SEXtended versions.
  3. Have fun!
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PC / Mac / Browser

size +80MB

release 2019

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