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Pocket Waifu Download and Review

Pocket Waifu overview

Pocket Waifu is a casual hentai dating-sim released by Nutaku, in other words, it’s an adult version of a Tamagochi, only your pet dog is a waifu and you can have up to nine of them! It’s free to play and available on both Android and browser including PC, Mac and Linux. And well, it’s quite a fun casual dating game! From character and room customization to arcade mini-games and gardening, Pocket Waifu knows how to keep you busy.

Pocket Waifu Poster

A portable dating-sim with multiple girlfriends

You are a loser. Yes, such a terrible loser that you will need a succubus to come to visit and impose you a deal you can’t refuse: give your soul in exchange for hot and horny girls right at your doorstep. Because in addition to being a loser, you’re a lazy ass which closes to no social skills of course! As soon as you will accept, a hot blond girl going by the name of Mary will show up and it will be your job to keep her busy so she doesn’t leave! Feed her, clean her, entertain her with video games and when she’s tired, put her in the bed so she can recover energy. Not so complicated is it? Ultimately, your relationship will evolve and you know what comes next: lustful uncensored sex with a girl that you are basically holding a prisoner in your flat.

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Keep your waifus happy to get more intimate

First things first, the game really looks great. From the very first screen you know that you are dealing with a professional team. The catch with Pocket Waifu is that you will easily get your four first girls after playing couple hours and you will barely run out of things to do unless your girls are all asleep. Talking about things to do, what do you do in this game? As mentioned earlier, it is quite similar to a Tamagotchi.

Each girl has different tastes and needs so your main objective will be to keep them happy and fill your relationship bar which each one of them if you want things to get serious with them. Especially when each new level of relationship unlocks a new lewd scene!

Pocket waifu shower fuck

In order to do so, you have to treat them the right way and keep their happiness, hunger, bathroom needs and energy bars in the green:

  • Happiness can be filled by playing one of the 9 mini-games available (which are quite well-made and fun actually) or by buying your girls gifts that you can obtain in the shop, with the coins you earned while playing mini-games.
  • Hunger is filled by giving your girl food (oh really?). You can feed her a free simple snack but since every action requires energy and a snack doesn’t refill the hunger bar much, you might want to check the shop to get something more nutritive and more personal.
  • Bathroom needs are pretty similar to hunger, only the free sample is a shower gel and you can buy better products at the shop.
  • Finally the energy bar, which refills when you put your waifu to sleep or by giving her energy drinks that you can only buy with gems, that can be obtained by completing quests or using your credit card (don’t tell me you didn’t see it coming).
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These are the main lines of what you have to do. I won’t get in details regarding character customization or real money purchases (that are really not necessary, it’s a dating-sim tamagochi, patience is a virtue), however it is worth precising that you can fully customize the different rooms with new furniture as well as your girls' outfits. You will also unlock the garden after a couple hours of the game in which you can grow crops such as strawberries or flowers, which comes extremely useful to keep your girls happy and horny.

Pocket Waifu has beautiful looking lewd artworks and sex animations

Needless to repeat that the graphics, animations and UI are great. It’s a beautiful mix of eastern and Asian styles with a very colourful palette. There is a good amount of artworks per girl and even though the animated scenes are simple, they are always filled with desire and lust. Also important to notice that the mini-games are really well made, very simple graphics and controls (only clickers) yet very fun and catchy.

The music and sound effects were not composed by Hans Zimmer (*sigh*) however they feel appropriate to the game genre and will not disturb your gaming experience. You will most likely mute it after playing for two hours anyway!

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Should you play Pocket Waifus?

I’m not a heavy player of dating-sim however I will probably keep playing Pocket Waifu for couple weeks. It’s quite a fun game even though I would have enjoyed a bit more dialogue with the girls and any sort of small scenarios to play with each of the girls. But overall, Pocket Waifu is worth giving a try. It’s free, regularly updated, and because it’s available on Android, you can take your waifus anywhere you go!

How to download Pocket Waifu

  1. Click "Play" on the sidebar to go to Pocket Waifu official game page
  2. Once there hit "Play Now", create a free account or log in
  3. Enjoy!
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price Free

developer Nutaku


PC / Mac / Linux / Android

release 2019

languages Multilingual