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R-Life Download and Review

R-Life overview

R-LIFE is an adult survival game that proposes any quests to complete and plenty of monster girls to fuck, where you can gather a harem of chicks and build your own house to keep your girlfriends warm outside and wet inside.

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Survive on a mysterious island and look for the hot chicks

You were enjoying a cruise holiday with your rich family when the sudden storm sank your yacht down and washed you ashore on an island full of mysterious creatures and monsters.

At first glance the place seems to be pretty empty and calm, you encounter a variety of half-naked monster girls and animal girls. Spoiler alert, you will catch and enslave them to satisfy your dirty sexual needs.

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An amateur survival game with an entertaining gameplay

You progress in the game by completing different quests: build a camp, look for a bikini that your mom lost in the accident, or risk your life to save hot girls trapped in dungeons.

You will discover that the island was cursed by the "H-Monster" and that the "H-Goddess" of the island was trapped in a stone. She needs your help to fight against the H-Monster and bring her back to life in order for you to stay alive.

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The game proposes very basic survival mechanics. You will have to explore the map and gather resources to craft different items, as well as hunt and defeat monsters to find your family, lost on the island after the accident.

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3D hentai sex scenes: monster girls, incest and more

What about the pussies? You can seduce any girl on the island, touch their bodies and fuck them in different positions. You can even fuck your mom or have your sister try her first blowjob on your dick. And if you develop high sneaking abilities you will be able to fuck girls while they are asleep.

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By regularly feeding and treating them well, you will gain trust points that will unlock more sex positions and animations. I quite enjoyed the reversed blowjob from a moth girl, but maybe you'll prefer the handjob facing the sunset?

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The game graphics aren't really consistent but they are good enough for an amateur made game. The uncensored sex scenes are also simple, but you can enjoy them from different points of view, change the sex rhythm and positions, and they have some sound effects.

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While discovering the island you can also stumble upon H-cards hidden across the area with spicy ripped off hentai photos on them.

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Should you download R-Life?

R-Life is an okay game. For a survival game it tends more to some kind of RPG but there are some really good elements and I'd like to see how they will improve the game. You can download R-life public version for free on developer's SEGameX Patreon page.

R-Life (v.0.8.4) download links

Not Bad
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price Free

developer SEGameX



version v.0.8.4

size 3.05 GB

release 2018

languages EN