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Saint Emiliana Download and Review

Saint Emiliana overview

Embark on a dangerous quest of saving your beloved sister who was hunted down for being a witch. Set in a fantasy world, the journey is full of sacrifices, monsters and hard fuck!

Saint emiliana poster

The story of Saint Emiliana

An innocent nun becomes a witch

Play as an innocent and busty girl with long blond hair — a nun Emiliana from a remote village Zemek. The witch hunt is in action and soldiers from the central city accused and captured Emiliana's sister, Laura, for being a witch.

In order to save her sister and have the power to fight back, Emiliana devotes her holy virginity to a demon and becomes a powerful witch. Set on a quest to rescue Laura, her innocent soul will experience dirty pleasures with men and monsters.

Classic RPG with uncensored hentai

Saint Emiliana is a hentai game that delivers a classic RPG experience in a fantasy setting, with quest system, turn-based combat and a rich story. The game features a lot of beautiful uncensored hentai scenes with hardcore fetishes like purification, impregnation, rape and more.

How to download Saint Emiliana

  1. Click Play to go to the Saint Emiliana game page (FAKKU!)
  2. Click Buy Now;
  3. Log in or create an account for free;
  4. Buy Saint Emiliana
  5. Enjoy!
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price $19.99

developer White Moor / Kagura Games



size 600 Mb

release 2020

languages EN