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Sakura Dungeon Download and Review

Sakura Dungeon overview

Sexy fox-girl spirit Yomi has awakened from a long and deep sleep only to find out that her lovely dungeon been stolen from her and she also has been ripped off of her powers... Embark on an adventure to fight back what is yours!

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Hentai Dungeon-Crawler Sakura Dungeon

Take Back What is Yours!

Sakura Dungeon is a lewd dungeon-crawling RPG set in a fantasy world where the fierce war between monsters and humans is going on for centuries. You play as a fox spirit Yomi, who has been awakened from a millennial slumber by a brave knight Ceri. Shortly, Yomi discovers that her magic powers left her and her dungeon was taken away from her. Yomi and Ceri decide to embark on an adventure to claim the dungeon back!

Capture monster girls you encounter on your way and make them fight by your side. Explore the dungeon, discover treasures and secrets on hidden rooms, avoid traps and fight powerful bosses on multiple levels!

Fantasy Dangeon Crawler with a Hentai Touch

Sakura Dungeon also features visual novel gameplay which uncovers the story through dialogues as well as unlocks lewd hentai scenes as you navigate through the dungeon. Don't forget the NSFW patch, that is included in the download pack to add an extra spiciness to the uncensored artworks of the monster girls and succubi girls!

How to download Sakura Dungeon

  1. Click PLAY to go to the Sakura Dungeon game page (Nutaku);
  2. Once there hit DOWNLOAD NOW button;
  3. Log in or Sign up to purchase the game;
  4. Download and enjoy!
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price 20$

developer Winged Cloud


PC / Linux

size 727 Mb

release 2016

languages EN