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Stellinavra Download and Review

Stellinavra overview

Stellinavra is a Sci-Fi Action/Adventure game presented in authentic late-1980's flair. Simple and quick tactics combat, a thick, engrossing atmosphere, gorgeous visuals, a beautiful, fully-original synth soundtrack and an enthralling story, filled with colorful and funny characters. A one-man, two-year work-of-passion, Stellinavra aims to be the most soulful game you will play all year.

Stellinavra poster

The Story of Stellinavra

You play as a newbie adventurer on a routine collection mission gone wrong.

You may not have the skills. You may not have the experience, or equipment or table manners, but it's up to you to rescue a slew of sexy space girls from an invasion of evil Space Orks. And let me tell you; They are going to be SO grateful.

Stellinavra Gameplay

In Stellinavra, you explore a space station, trying to save the girls trapped within, and work your way toward escaping this bizarre and dangerous facility.

When you encounter enemies, a fast-paced tactics battle will start. You'll be grabbing whatever weapons are at hand and bashing, whipping, shooting, stabbing and blasting orks all over the walls.

Occasionally, you'll find a girl in need of rescue, and you'll have an opportunity to charm, flirt and bargain your way to a sexy reward.

Then continue making your way ever deeper, down into the complex, meeting fun characters, solving puzzles and unravelling the mysteries of the station.

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price Free

developer Oko


PC / Linux

version Final

size 278.3 Mb

release 2020

languages EN