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True Love '95 Download and Review

It's 25 years anniversary of one of the best of its kind hentai visual novel/dating sim in the history of adult gaming. First released in Japan in 1995, it is now been officially published by FAKKU!, making many adult visual novel fans enjoy this classic.

reviewed by Luna

A classic hentai dating simulator with a model porn visual novel

An addictive porn game with a bunch of Japanese cuties

You play as a single 19 years old Japanese guy who has been kicked out of his parents' place to finally find himself a woman. Being also indecisive about a path of his future career he is out on a quest to get a girlfriend and make up his mind. Make your independence to pay off. During virtual three months you will meet ten sexy babes with different personalities, and get a chance to be with one if you play your cards right.

True love 95 erotic hentai girl

A rich and satisfying gameplay with lots of paths to take

The gameplay of True Love '95 is the most complete I've seen so far. It's well-balanced, suggests plenty of stuff to do and has unexpected sexy plot twists.

The entire story is spread across three in-game months. You play on a day-by-day basis, where each morning you chose an activity for the evening or night. And for daytime, when on weekends or vacation. Some of these are studying, practicing art, exercising, grooming, recreation, taking a break, going to work, shopping or fulfilling a promise.

True love 95 student room True love 95 stats callendar gameplay

Also at certain moments and dialogues, you will get a choice to make of where to go or how to answer a certain character. Depending on your activities and decisions, they will affect your personal profile and add up points to your stats.

True love 95 dialogue arisa sexy girl

All these, consequently, will affect one another, trigger events happening to you, and the girls' reaction to your persona. Making you think and strategize your future plans in order to build your character and get the girlfriend you like.

In-game money is not an important factor, however, working generates income and shopping allows you to spend money on personal items or gifts to sweeten the girls. Another way to earn money is playing a lottery or gambling in a card game.

True love 95 sexy girl rumi in a car track bondage True love 95 sexy girl showing her tits

True Love '95 has beautiful pixel hentai art and sexy moments

Teasing hentai scenes with sexy girls

The language in the visual novel is filled with sexy flirting and hard-on dialogues. To note, True Love '95 doesn't have very lewd scenes, but rather beautiful erotic hentai artworks with perky nipples and white panties, and great attention to detail. Though there is sex at the end of the story when your focus is shifted exclusively to one girl, so it’s time to jump to the 4th Base.

True love 95 sexy girl pantsu shot

Should you play True Love '95?

I personally placed True Love '95 on the top of my inner rating list among other visual novels / dating sim of the same kind. Also, the fact that this hentai dating simulator is a retro classic porn game, makes it feel different and creates a unique gaming experience. You will definitely like this porn game, especially if you are into erotic hentai and like heavy sexual flirting and teasing.

How to download True Love '95

  1. Click on the "Play" button.
  2. Create an account or log-in on FAKKU!
  3. Purchase True Love '95.
  4. Enjoy!

To note: due to the age of the game, these are the issues that may appear in the modern systems. If the game doesn't load at the first try, simply uninstall and then reinstall the game. This should be sufficient.

Another solution is from the comment section on FAKKU! — Try setting the compatibility mode for the .exe file to Windows 98 or Windows XP. You can do this by right-clicking on T_LOVE95.EXE, select the Compatibility tab, click the "Run this program in compatibility mode for", and select the Windows version.

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price $9.99

developer Software House Parsley



game size 9.4 Mb

last updated 1995

languages EN